Andrew McManus Trio

The Andrew McManus Trio is Andrew McManus on guitar and vocals, Tessa Thistlethwaite on fiddle and vocals, and Mark Whalen Jr. on percussion. Check out the schedule or Facebook for the latest updates!

Andrew McManus

Originally hailing from Northern Ireland, Andrew McManus aims to create music that rises above divisions and differences such as those he felt growing up in Northern Ireland during the “Troubles”. Together with Tessa and Mark, the Trio aims to create music that looks optimistically forwards instead of backwards, layered with bright melodies, harmonies and lyrics that uplift the spirit.

Tessa Thistlethwaite

Tessa has played fiddle from a young age and is a much sought-after player at Irish feiseanna around the nation. Tessa’s technical ability and creative flair of the fiddle bring a burst of life to all the music she accompanies, as do her wonderful and ethereal vocal harmonies. Along with her musical endeavors, Tessa is a full-time high school teacher.

Mark Whalen Jr.

Mark is a renowned percussionist in Northeast Ohio, celebrated for his skills across various musical styles. His unique beats on an acoustic snare and cajón rival what many drummers achieve on a full kit. Mark has also been a long time member of the Great Lakes Pipe Band, here he can be seen marching out front leading on the bass drum at many festivals and events around the nation.


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